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The numbers of sets from #175 and higher have changed. In the past, sticker sheets, pens, mirrors, etc. (basically, non-miniature series) have been included in the list. However, now that Re-Ment is making so many more of them, and there are also completely new products that I will never collect, I've removed these earlier non-miniature series from the lists to be consistent.


Dollhouse Miniatures

Realistic Themes


Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Gudetama, etc.)




Dollhouse Miniatures

Character Themes


Kapibara, San-X,


Secret Sets


Fashions &


Sailor Moon


Disney / Pixar




Other Re-Ment Products (Items Not Tracked on this Site):


Re-Ment makes several other products that I do not consider miniatures or doll house accessories. I don't collect these other products, and they will not be included in the photographs and Checklist pages of this web site. However, the series names and release dates will (in a future update) be listed here for reference.

Personal Goods Variety Goods
(Mirrors, jigsaw puzzles, office supplies, stickers, pouches, etc.)
Nameko Mushrooms, K-On After School, Kobitu Zukan